Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 2014

  Woo hoo! I'm almost done! June 20th, 2013 was when I started writing this book, so let's see if I finish by our little anniversary, shall we? But it's not really my goal. If I finish before or after, it won't matter much to me. There are those who try to write by a goal date and end up making their written pieces feel very rushed by the end, and I'm not one of them. When I rush myself, I don't do my best work. Not for writing, anyway.
  You can imagine what I was like in school: Feeling constantly stressed and disgusted for being expected to make things so darned perfect by a certain time. Yuck. I'm so glad that's all over. I did better when I was home-schooled, when I learned at my own pace and - well, actually LEARNED.
  But, anyways....
  Just to say: Part of this month's writing might end up looking a little scattered (I don't know yet, really). Why?
  Get this: My Auntie Ann's birthday is June 10th (age 62), my little sister's birthday is June 11th (age 17), and mine is June 12th (age 22). Yes, it is crazy. Very exhausting, too. Imagine this: Having a birthday party for my sister, with her very noisy mentally disabled friends (my sister is autistic) over on one day. On another day, celebrating our "triple birthdays" at a restaurant with our auntie, her kids (older than me), and our grandma. On another day: Calling our Auntie Ann with the annoyingly repetitive Happy Birthday song. The next day, celebrating my sister's birthday with our immediate family. And the day after that: My birthday, likewise. And sometime after that (or before), my birthday party with friends. All this results in utter exhaustion, an ugly dent in people's wallets, some gained weight (which is why I'm having a single cupcake in place of a birthday cake, this time!), and everyone (or is it just me?) being tired of birthdays. Seriously, by the time June 12th comes, I'm begging for it to end.
  But, overall, I tolerate it.
  It's good it's in June, because then it's an even 6 months away (and after) Christmas. Also, it was pretty awesome to meet my newly-born sister on my 5th birthday. I got to hold her on my lap. But, boy, was she heavy! I was sitting on the couch, and I had to have our brother hold her heavy head up. I remember the whole thing. She was my best birthday gift ever. Funny thing: She, myself, and our mom were all 8 lbs. 11 oz. when we were born.
  Oh, yes. The writing log!
  Hey, so 180 days is approximately 6 months, so...
  Sorry. Just had to shout that out. :)

Words Written      Difference f/         Words           Date        Time              Day
Each Day              Last                                                          Stopped
131                       (-2,362)              362,271          5            5:30? PM       178
1,211                    (+1,080)             363,482          6            2:40 AM         179
2,692                    (+1,481)             366,174         [6]          11:30? PM      [179]
1,184                    (-1,508)              367,358          7            4:15 AM         180
1,377                    (+193)                368,735          9            3:26 AM         181
812                       (-565)                 369,547         10           4:06 AM         182
3,277                    (+2,465)             372,824         17           11:08 PM        183
1,101                    (-2,176)              373,925         18           2:48 AM         184
690                       (-411)                 374,615        [18]          8:41 PM         [184]
4,324                    (+3,634)             378,939          20*         5:45 PM         185
629                       (-3695)               379,568          23           1:40 AM         186
1,160                    (+531)                380,728          25           2:29 AM         187
1,112                    (-48)                   381,840          26           3:02 AM         188
697                       (-415)                 382,537         [26]         4:20? PM        [188]
2,140                    (+1,443)             384,677           27          11:59 PM        189
2,100                    (-40)                   386,777           28          3:59 AM          190
707                       (-1,393)              387,484          [28]        11:59 PM         [190]
1,209                    (+502)                388,693           29**      3:18 AM           191
1,1818                  (+609)                390,511           30          3:55 AM           192          

*YAY!!!! Exactly one year ago, I started writing this book. It was a week after graduation from high school that I started. (After my evil aunt refused to give up my home school proof to the public school system, I had to redo it all over again. She always told me I was a dumb@$$, would never graduate, and that I'd end up flipping burgers somewhere. I'm proving her wrong every day. Hint: Library page job interview coming up!) It was on a Friday, and I had the Natasha Bedingfield song, Unwritten, on my mind. Thanks to my Auditory Processing Disorder (basically, dyslexic ears. To understand, I found a great link that describes me perfectly: http://www.additudemag.com/adhd/article/701.html), I always thought the line went like: "Tuesday is when your book begins." So, I had the idea to start writing my book that next Tuesday. But then, I was too excited. I was like, "Heck with it! I'm starting NOW!" It was on a Friday, but due to my writing tendencies and inability to write around a lot of noise (my family always talks, etc.), I probably started sometime past midnight.

**Hi! Here I am! Still writing. :D I'm writing during the daytime when I can, which explains why there's a lot of PM ending times.