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June 2013

  In the beginning of my writing this book (third in a series I'm not naming for secrecy/surprise), I wasn't really expecting myself to write on full-blast. But, later, I got excited that my writer's block was fully broken, so that's when I started recording how many words, etc. I did.
  Yeah. I'm writing the third book, even though I haven't [completely] written the first two. Long story on that one.
  Okay, to summarize my explanation: Once upon a time, I was daydreaming/planning the whole series. I got so excited about the 3rd book, I started writing it. Something bad happened, and all my writing became no more. Gone. Three years later, I decided to pick up my writing again. Then, when I started writing the first book, I realized out of fear that I might forget all that I planned out for the last three. So, as a result, I'm writing the third book now. My brain's weird - but hey. We all are in some way, aren't we? Whatever works.
  Now, without further ado, here's the log for the month of June:

Difference from
Yesterday's Writing  |||  Words  |||  Date ||| Time Stopped ||| Day
                                |||               |||  20th |||                       ||    1
                                |||               |||  21st  |||                      ||   2
                                ||| 27,988   |||  23rd  |||     1:40 AM    ||   3
                                |||               |||  24th   |||                     ||   4
                                |||               |||  25th   |||                     ||   5
                                ||| 30,260   |||  26th   |||     3:02 AM    ||  6
                                |||               |||  27th   |||                      ||   7
                                |||               |||  28th   |||                      ||   8
                                |||               |||  29th  |||                       ||   9
                                |||               |||  30th  |||                       ||  10

Very boring-looking, right? I totally didn't know what I was getting myself into - until July came....

Update August 2nd, 2015 at 11:16 PM:
Haha! I can't believe it!! I can not describe my joy at finding this!! I found an old paper where I wrote down two days where I had written, and, after looking through all the June months in both of my blogs (both books), I've confirmed these two recorded days to be in June 2013, G3:DF!

One side of the paper:

The other side of the paper:

I am so happy! *jumps around* Now, I can finally add something to this post.
Okay, I've got to double check this....

  • Seemingly nothing is recorded June 2013, but it coincidentally has both a blank June 23rd and a blank June 26th recorded.
  • By the June 2014, I had written well over my 300,000 word mark.  
  • After finishing this book, I see it even more unlikely to be another June in another year: For G4:O, I started writing in July, 2014. 
  • And finally: June 2015 was just two months ago from now. I had reached over 100,000 words by that time.
So, it's got to be it. I actually did write almost 28,000 words in only three days. And don't say I'd be wrong in the day I started or in the day I missed, either: I REMEMBER. 
That first day; the day I chose to write.... It was about a week after I graduated, after all the celebrations were over. I felt triumphant. Like I was the hero of my own story. 
You can not imagine what it is like to have to redo high school all over again, after a wicked woman refused to hand over my home school proof to the public school system just so she could make my life miserable. She was like that, always invading my rights as a human beings. Always using something against me. Well, I can say that she made my life miserable only because she was a miserable person, herself. All that was gone by the time I graduated. She always told me things that would turn a person into a mere object, using the same method a sicko would use while keeping women he's kidnapped in his basement. Hurtful things such as: "You're not going to make it out of high school. You're going to be flipping burgers at Wendy's or Burger King." 
Well, here I am living proof of all that she thought I wasn't going to be: I took an IQ test, which, after finding that my reading and writing skills were better than the average high school student's, it gave me credits. I earned more credits going to summer school. I earned even more credits by attending public high school for three years. And I finished with just enough credits a week before the deadline by volunteering at my local library. A week more, and those three years of hard work, insomnia, frustration, panic, worry, sweat, and occasional crying would have been a waste. And, not only that, I got a good, fun job at that same library I volunteered at. They saw my potential. They saw how devoted I was. They saw that I was a human being. 
...Anyway, I probably have mentioned this story dozens of times throughout the blogs, but, being that I started rewriting this book series in June 2013, I might as well have explained a bit of the significance of restarting the writing process here. 
Want to know more about my life story? Read my blogs. It's a broken jigsaw puzzle because "she" scattered the pieces. Not to say that you have to guess the rest or to read every post in my blogs, but it's a bit much to swallow all at once. If I were to share everything with you in one wild ride, I might as well give you an amusement park. (I'll write a book of my life eventually, but be prepared that it may not be emotionally comfortable to read.)
Oh, and one more thing: If you'd like to see my progress on my next book, code-named for secrecy, "G4:0" (You wouldn't want me to spoil the surprise, would you? That would be boring. "And the title of my book is...! [Title]!" "Oh... I already knew that. Now I am sad."), the writing log blog is here: .

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