Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elsa from Frozen is Like My Main Character!

   Last night, I went to see the movie Frozen in theaters with a friend. I nearly screamed when I saw Elsa's ice/snow powers. If you want [more than] a hint of my main character (known for secrecy as just an abbreviated "G"), go watch Frozen.
   G has a lot less glitter, doesn't waste her time swirling the snow just to make ice (Disney just did that for show to add beauty and magic in order to entrance the audience), and has a less bold personality (she's more sweet, naive and is more of a victim and one to defend and flee rather than one who's easily willing to kill those who want to harm her [she wants to avoid that and give people the chance to change]). Oh, yeah. And she doesn't wear make-up. In my opinion (I don't know about you), but Elsa had a little bit too much eyeshadow. It kept bothering me throughout the movie. Needed to be a bit lighter. Oh, and she isn't blond, either. Not telling you yet, unfortunately.
   Say, did anyone notice how that Anna's eye color changed from blue to green and blue from time to time? Another thing: After Elsa accidentally froze the fountain, the next shot (from the doorway angle) it was flowing perfectly again.
   Making ice and snow in a fast manner at will: That's G. Using weapons and creating other objects out of ice: That's G. Having no control over your powers at first: Nope. Creating living creatures: Nope. Glittery dress: Nope. Creating pretty (and showy) big snowflakes so big you can see the structure: Very nope. Making a whole land turn to winter: Heh, heh. No comment. ;)

Oh, yeah! The other day it finally snowed where I live, so I made a snowman for a few hours (before I got cold and it started to rain). Just a plain old thing, really. The next day, it had melted so much, it had no hat and no head left! I originally wanted to make a Doctor Who weeping angel, but I was already getting cold and was tired after only having 3 hours of sleep that night ( and a little boy decided to come up to me without his mom and started chatting with me for a long while. I didn't want to frighten the little guy). Simplest snowman I've done for a long time. (Last year's actually had a face and glitter all over it.) Maybe next time....

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