Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 2014

  A new year, a new beginning. Sort of. 
  I'm in the middle of the book. Or else more than half-way. Heh, I've made a list of things/events in the story to still put in, in any case. I'm on chapter 90. The average chapter contains six pages, 11 font Palatino Linotype and Book Antiqua (I have the story divided into four files, so far. Two have approximately 60,000 words, one has over 98,000 words, and the fourth has over 25,000 words). 
  I've been writing this book on a 2005 Sony VAIO PCG-7D2L. It's big and bulky, heavy, the battery is slowly dying, and I love it. Large keys, big screen: What's not to love? Okay, so it's a broken, mute dinosaur -- so what? At least Microsoft Works Word Processor is good enough for me to write whatever comes to my fancy. 
  Every writer is different, with different tastes. Except when I have trouble deciding which pen to use out of the whole handful I keep in my purse! That's common. The obsession with writing utensils (even though I type). But hey, owning 56 is nothing. A lot of writers actually pay good money for certain kinds of pens to their liking, or else they absolutely HAVE to hoard. For me, I'm not that desperate or picky (except for big and bulky or heavy ones: Yuck! Mostly I like the fun, annoying, clicky kind). I've gotten most every single one of mine for free, just for going to free events such as job fairs, home shows, etc. Yeah. Just for the freebies. Lol
  My favorite clicky pen makes a funny squeak instead of a click. Now every time you come across such a pen, you can think of me: An annoying lady letting out a loud, bubbly cackle as she squeaks her pen nonstop.
  Oh, yeah! Did you happen to notice how there was a 23 day period (starting in November and ended in late December) where I was barely writing anything, even sometimes logging in a negative number? Well, to make this short, I was originally writing with no paragraphs, no chapters, and no quotation marks. Just to see if I wrote faster than usual. 
  Well, I did, but the problem was: Later, I couldn't go back when I couldn't remember if I had already had a character do or say something. I couldn't find it. In my frustration, I had to go back and edit the whole thing. I also highlighted and color-coded whenever certain main characters spoke or thought anything. At times, I noticed things I wanted to take out or add in, thus the logging. It looks much better, now. AND I am writing in the NORMAL way! Although I didn't learn how to write in paragraphs until I was 14, I am quite easily able to do so, now. I'm just weird like any other person who likes to self-analyze and conduct weird tests. What I learned is that no paragraphs = no more writer's block = confusion later = frustration next = Imma firin mah lazer = Fix it, Felix! = 23 days is almost a freaking-out month = Yay!
  So, yeah.

Words written each day     Words             Date        Time Stopped         Day

(Diff. from last)
2,355 (+562)                    244,168          Jan 1            5:39 AM          Day 120
1,108 (-1,247)                  245,276          Jan 6            4:14 AM          Day 121
1,016 (-92)                       246,292          Jan 14          3:36 AM          Day 122
146 (-870)                        246,438          Jan 23          3:58 AM          Day 123
2,869 (+2,723)                 249,307          Jan 26          4:01 AM           Day 124
1,430 (-1,439)                  250,737          Jan 27          4:34 AM           Day 125
2,665 (+1,235)                 253,402          Jan 29           5:30 AM          Day 126
1,573 (-1,092)                  254,975          Jan 30           3:53 AM          Day 127

Durr, being brainwashed by attractive internet, must focus....

Hey! I got sick (a.k.a. low-grade fever, nose explosions a.k.a. sneezing, and blowing up my nose  a.k.a. blowing my nose) and wi-fi was down the whole time + a couple of days afterwards! Got all my mixed papers (old unfinished stories, ideas, notes, graded papers from high school I've kept, etc.) organized into folders and containers + wrote a lot because of it. Heh heh heh. *feeling guilty*

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