Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 2014

  The dragons are marching one-by-one. Hoorah, hoorah....
  Okay, that was really corny, but whatever.
  My brother turned 25 on March 5th. Hoorah, hoorah. Unfortunately he's in jail (he doesn't live with us for good reasons) for trying to sell a hunting knife in a thrift shop to customers. Dumb, I know. He has Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and some brain damage from when he was born (cord wrapped around forehead, wasn't breathing). The services he's getting isn't doing hardly anything to help him, to find meds that work so he can behave himself.
  But enough about my weird roller coaster life. That's for another book to be written in the far future.
  The dragons are marching two-by-two. Hoorah, hoorah....

Words Written       Difference from        Words             Date         Time Stopped       Day
Each Time              Last                
2,071                        (-1,186)              279,560           Mar 2           4:11 AM            137
3,324                        (+1,253)             282,884           Mar 3           5:24 AM            138
3,516                        (+192)                282,400           Mar 4           5:24 AM            139
510                           (-3,006)              282,910          [Mar 4]         8:26 PM           [139]
3,611                        (+3,101)             286,521           Mar 5           6:08 AM           140
1,549                        (-2,062)              292,070           Mar 6           5:33 AM           141
3,961                        (+2,412)             296,031           Mar 8           4:11 AM           142
566                           (-3,395)              296,597          [Mar 8]          9-10? PM         [142]
1,117                        (+551)                297,714           Mar 11         5:10 AM            143
2,819                        (+1,702)             300,533 :)        Mar 12*       4:46 AM            144

  *Mar 12: Lol I was very tired, but I couldn't stop writing. My black Siamese-mix cat, Sweetie, can never quite feel comfortable until I'm in bed. She can also sense when something is wrong. Sweetie is very sweet, understanding me when other humans don't. So, finally, she got up on my lap, looked me squarely in the eye, and meowed at me. She has a way of persuasion, using the right tones, almost mimicking our tones. Needless to say, I knew she meant it, so I went to bed. I thank the Lord for Sweetie. *Meanwhile, she purrs on my lap as I'm typing this* "Ouch! Dang it! She bit my nose!" Yeah. She has a few bad habits, but I still love her. <3

  Woohoo! March 23 - 31: I had an excellent excuse for not writing! An adventure-loving friend picked me up and so I stayed for just over a week in Bellevue at her house. (She's the same one that steals me for a weekend sometimes. A writer as well, she also works as a barista and goes to college. She's a total extrovert and gets depressed when she's alone for long periods of time and, because I'm always open and hardly ever busy, I'm her top pick for going on much-needed adventures. :)
  We went hiking (My first time actually hiking! I've always wanted to because I've always felt I belonged with nature and the woods, my mom's entire childhood filled with every weekend going hiking everywhere with her parents, dog, and 4 sisters, and because I've had so many dreams of hiking.) up Wilderness Peak (approx. 1,600 ft) on the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park trails. Weird thing: I've always felt like I was up there. We hiked 11 miles in 5 hours, about 2.2 mph and it was awesome. I totally recommend going there. At the end of the "Fitness Challenge", there's a bench to sit on and also a box on the trunk of a tree containing a journal that you can write in of your successful climb (or whatever you want). We noticed there were a lot of haikus written in there (some very funny ones, too), so my friend and I each wrote a haiku. Mine is funny. I'm not telling you what I wrote, though: You have to hike there, yourself! :D
  Another day, we tried frog's legs for the first time. The flesh looks like and has the texture of watery chicken, and the taste is like chicken with a sort of fishy/pond-like taste. I liked it okay. I'm neither wild for it, nor disgusted by it. I'm kind of annoyed by how thin the bones are, and especially annoyed by the joints that you end up chomping on. My suggestion: Take little bites around the ends. The dish was served at a child-friendly bar/restaurant in Issaquah, and you get 4 legs for $12. Good food there.
  That Saturday was the original reason I stayed for the week: A bunch of college/church friends cramming in two vehicles to go see Frozen and The Lego Movie back-to-back in the Shelton Drive-In Movie theater. Decent prices: $7 for every adult. Just like the old time drive-in movie theaters, only instead of speaker boxes hanging on your window, all you need to do is tune in to a radio station to hear the movie. It's awesome if you have a great sound system. The only thing I didn't like was that their salted pretzels were way too salty. Good variety of food choices though. Suggestion if you plan on going there: Make sure you get in line early so you don't have to wait forever in the line of cars. ;)

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