Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just A Little Reminder, As Well As Plans For The Future

 Hello again! In case you haven't seen my newer blog:
 My current project with book 4 (G4:O) is coming along great! After being unable to resist the urge to write the next book, I decided against taking a break, reading a book, or fixing up G3:DF and just went right into writing the next book. 
 By going to that book's writing blog at , you'll see that I changed the way I log. I made it more interesting, making sure I write something at least a little interesting. A little about my life with current or past things or a little about what obstacles I have to face. The 'chart'? I threw it out the window. Since Blogger doesn't give me the option to make a real chart, I had so much trouble trying to make a makeshift one, I ultimately decide to change the way I log. Sometimes it didn't come out right for some reason. Very frustrating. So, now that it looks better and is easier to do, I'm more at ease when I'm sharing my writing journey with you! Hooray!
 For those of you who miss the chart, I might make it on the bottom of each post for at the end of each month. Let me know by either leaving a comment below or on Twitter @Jennifer_Fulk and I'll be sure to do that. I might make it anyway, but if I don't, just remind me and ask for it, and I'll be glad to make the chart.
 When will I start revising, editing, and proofreading G3:DF? I'm not sure, yet. What I think might happen is I'll finish writing G4:O and then be unable to resist the urge to start writing book 5. BUT! I'm afraid that once I finish writing it, I'll go into that stage of feeling like the whole series is finished. So, what I will most likely do is stop at the end of G4:O and finally start writing book 1. 
 In case you don't remember from a past post, I skipped past book 1 and 2 because I planned out the whole 5-book series in my head years ago and didn't want to forget all of what happens in the latter books. 
 It was also because I was about halfway through G3:DF when tragedy struck my life and I lost all my writing, my notes, and most everything I ever owned. I felt empty without G3:DF, left with a scar I couldn't bear to have, so I felt it was most important to write book 3 first in order to not feel that way anymore. And it was cured! It was an amazing, beautiful, and relieving feeling when I finally wrote past the part where I left off. After I finished it, I felt a lot better about writing the rest of the series.
 Even now, I'm compelled to write book 1, but it would be disastrous if I stopped in the middle of writing G4:O. So many key events happen in it. It's more important than G3:DF. It's when a lot of questions start coming together. Not entirely, though. There's a good mixture of questions that are answered, others that get closer to the truth, and still others that are answered and yet trigger bigger questions. Very exciting. Fun, and yet challenging to write (It's also coming along slower than G3:DF because I have a job and can't write all night anymore.).
 Anyway, be sure to subscribe and read the blog! Thanks for being part of my journey! <3

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