Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BIG NEWS: I'm Starting Book 4

  I know! I know! It wasn't an easy matter of changing my mind, nor was it a plot to make people go bonkers and scream, "But you just spent so much time trying to decide, you even wrote a whole post debating the decision!!!" I merely couldn't control myself. And maybe that's a good thing.
   When I was writing G3:DF, only one or two times did I actually have a real problem with writers' block. I'd just fix it by taking a little break, do other things, [eat,] daydream [events in the book], and read a few or more pages before where I got stuck (I do this whenever I sit down to write, too).
  Otherwise, when I write, I'm always thinking ahead: I daydream one or more steps ahead, then it sort of plays out in my mind as I'm writing. You can say that I tend to come up with things on the spot after I give my imagination a little push. Who's inside my head when I'm pushing I have no idea, but somehow it works. Maybe that's the way highly productive, published writers poop out their books, but if you ask me, I think it's hard no matter what. Because us writers, like the average human beings, have the same puckered-lips-shaped anuses which therefore makes it hard to pass through books. Books are hard, too. Not very soft, and very dry.
  *Pardon my weirdness in this post. I'm sitting in the hot sun, too lazy to move to the shade, and so the heat is frying my brain. It's always these reasons why I may say or write wild/crazy/creative things: Overheated, dehydrated, tired, it's late at night, or I'm feeling hyper and talkative.*
  Anyway, so... I'm going to take a little break.

Minutes later...

...Alright! The new blog for book 4 is up!
Check it out: http://writinglog-g4o-jenniferfulk.blogspot.com/

I'll still update this writing log when I eventually sit down to revise, edit, and proofread book 3.

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